Autumn Ready: Cheap Frills

Totally in denial that it's the end of Summer, I'm going to hang on to every last ray of sunshine that there is. That's why I'm embracing the latest romantic trend but with a touch of darkness. Channelling a Jane Austen character, it's all about the frills, moody florals but with a modern twist.  Pair it with a bad ass leather jacket for an edgier look and you've got this Autumn look totally covered. 

There are some great bohemian-esque dresses available from the high street whether maxi or short, perfect for this in between weather. Well so I keep telling my self while braving the winter chills... I've added a few favourites below which are currently sitting in my shopping basket, don't you just love procrastinating while working :)

Here I Am Wearing:

Dress: Zara

Jacket: All Saints

Boots: Kenzo

Bag: Mansur Gavriel

Sunglasses: RayBan

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1/ Zara; 2/River Island; 3/ River Island; 4/ Topshop; 5/ Zara;  6/ Topshop.

Ideas & Inspiration For Indoor Gardens By Isabelle Palmer

So Summer is long gone (sob sob) and while we’re still trying to adapt to the new season without getting stuck in a rut, there are ways to make the transition less depressing and painful. It’s the perfect time to make decorating changes in the house, and getting our home ready for colder and darker days ahead can be so much fun.

One of my top tips with dealing with the seasonal change is bringing the outdoors inside. While we may no longer enjoy summer nights in the garden, or dining al fresco, it's the perfect excuse to bring some botanical inspiration into our homes and making it that little bit cosier. Plants are perfect for this and thinking of clever ways to incorporate them into our decorating schemes is always a fun challenge. If real plants are too much of a commitment, then faux ones can look pretty damn good!

For Ideas and inspiration for indoor gardens, I highly recommend the book, The House Gardner by Isabelle palmer. Totally inspirational and packed with amazing projects for the house. Here I'm sharing two of my favourites from the book...

Hanging Containers

Hanging Vine

How wonderful to wake up to the sight of pretty leaves tumbling over the edges of a suspended glass container.

Hanging baskets can seem staid and fussy, with too many plants crowded into a small, often ugly basket. This beautiful metallic container breaks the rule, however, as it’s both handsome and simple – great for a stylish bedroom or perhaps displayed at the top of a flight of stairs. The delicate, glossy leaves of the plant fall over the edge of the container, making for an easy, uncluttered look. In this display, I used Pellaea rotundifolia, which is commonly known as the button fern. A small, low-growing fern, it is easy to grow and creates a unique look with its small rounded leaflets.

Hanging Containers

Hanging Treasure

The metallic beauty of this bathroom container allows the variegated ivy to be shown in all its glory.

Bathrooms are ideal spots for indoor plants, as there is sometimes ample space for an attractive display. Unfortunately, people often place dull artificial plants in a bathroom. However, if you think about it, the bathroom can be the most suitable room in the home for growing an indoor plant. In fact, the warm – often humid- conditions in a bright well lit bathroom are perfect for growing plants, even tropical ones.

Here, the lovely copper hanging container, which contains Hedera helix (common ivy) underplanted with moss, creates a striking focal point in a relaxing bathroom. The ivy leaves peeking over the edge of the container are glossy and green, and look particularly bright against the natural hues of the bathroom. If you are keeping plants in your bathroom, it’s important to avoid spraying them with aerosols or dusting them with talcum powder or other bathroom products, as this can stop photosynthesis

Extract taken from THE HOUSE GARDENER by ISABELLE PALMER, published by CICO Books (£25), Photos © HELEN CATHCART.

Cocktail Of The Week: Mojito

It is still lovely and warm in the UK and my sister and I have created another popular delicious cocktail. We have both an alcoholic and non alcoholic version. Do remember to keep hydrating yourself with plenty of water during the warm weather. Always have a glass of water per every alcoholic beverage.


Alcoholic mojito

10 fresh meat mint leaves

2 heaped teaspoons of xylitol

1/2 fresh lime cut into wedges

1 shot of white rum

Soda water

Crushed ice

Cube ice

Non alcoholic mojito

10 fresh meat mint leaves

2 heaped teaspoons of xylitol

1/2 fresh lime cut into wedges

Splash of apple juice

Splash of sparkling water

Crushed ice

Cube ice

Place the lime wedges in a tall glass. Add the xylitol and squish them together using a muddler. This is to release the lime juice. Add the mint leaves and press them down into the lime juice. Then add the ice cubes and add either the rum or the apple juice. With a tall spoon stir all the ingredients. Add the crushed ice and add either the soda water or sparkling water. Garnish with some mint leaves and enjoy!